Guide to Harnessing New Technologies

SMBs that successfully harness the power of IT today position themselves to grow into the business they dream of tomorrow. Here’s what they can learn from proactive adopters and how they’re harnessing four key technologies that are shaping today’s business world: security, mobility, big data, and cloud.

You have dreams for your business, and technology paves the way to make those dreams reality. The right technology choices will allow you to compete “big,” no matter the size of your company.

On some level, you may suspect your competitors are using technology more effectively than you. These leaders in your field and other top contenders are considered “proactive adopters,” and they tend to harness the power of new technology before their rivals. They understand how IT helps their business thrive, and they wield the power of technology accordingly.

In the past, you may have chosen a wait-and-see approach to technology adoption, based partly on lack of confidence, fear of unwise investments, or the unknown costs coming with new technology. But really, it all comes down to making the technology work for your small or midsize business (SMB). Even if you feel trepidation about making this move, it’s clear the disruption in IT has made it easier and less expensive to wisely utilize technology to reach the desired goals for your business.

A quick review of the current business landscape shows there are four major technology areas shaping the way business is done: security, mobility, big data, and cloud. For SMBs to survive and thrive, business owners must harness these technologies, and who better to show the way than those who have been there? A recent Hewlett Packard Enterprise study, as created and fielded by Coleman Parkes, surveyed 1,500 senior-level decision-makers at SMBs from around the world and across numerous verticals, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.

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