Hybrid Cloud - The Future of IT Departments

The adoption of hybrid cloud is rapidly expanding, especially within enterprises. Business Smarts and HP are ready to help you find your Right Mix of public and private cloud, so you can build the apps you need to power new business models 30x faster. Learn more about hybrid cloud adoption with the white paper from 451 Research®, Enterprises Accelerating Adoption of Multi-Cloud Strategy.

Looking to start small with Hybrid computing. HP's hybrid computing in a box, the Proliant EC200a, is an excellent place to start. Read about it here.

Data protection playbook for all-flash storage

Data protection playbook for all-flash storage

Today the all flash data center is a viable alternative

The volume of data you need to manage and protect grows at a pace that is difficult to keep up with—roughly 40% per year for the typical enterprise. Add to that the performance demands of new applications—instant response times, always-on availability, and anytime, anywhere access—and data center managers are often left with storage challenges that can’t be addressed with traditional spinning disk technology.

To meet these challenges, many enterprises are turning to flash storage. A viable flash storage solution must provide: